Iko Enertherm 40mm PIR Rigid Insulation Board

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The IKO Enertherm insulation board is made up of a polyisocyanurate core with clad and a multi-layer gas tight aluminium facing on each side with a squared edge. The board is free from CFC and HCFC or HFC which offers great performance whilst holding no threat to the environment. The aluminium facing on each side is conducted of several layers of high-quality ALU lamination which is combined in a single cell complex. This prevents thermal bridging, moisture and provides a tight shield against wind.

The IKO Enertherm boards are available in sizes 1200mm x 2400mm covering 2.88m2, and has a variety of thicknesses from 25mm to 150mm. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK.

IKO Enertherm Boards can be applied to roofs, floors, and walls with several insulation methods available including solid wall applications, external wall applications, flat roof above rafter insulation and so on. The boards can be used for new builds, extensions, and refurbs. The lightweight boards make cutting, installing, and handling a simple procedure.

The quality of the boards and thin construction of IKO Enertherm ALU boards offers a sustainable solution that reduces the thickness of the buildings construction, keeping as much space in the room as possible. IKO Enertherm permits technical maintenance on solar panels, air condition units, and other roof installations as they offer pressure resistance and shape retention, you can simply walk on them.

PIR insulation can be easily combined with roof membranes and is dimensionally stable. The ALU insulation boards remain resistant to moisture in all weather conditions. They also maintain the same insulation value as well as the same weight and will not shrink.

Providing IKO Enertherm Boards to your property can save you money. Depending on the location of the insulation boards, 75% could be saved on energy bills per month. By installing insulation, you prevent hot air escaping from your property. This will help prevent climate change and global warming. This can save you money and increase your properties sustainability at the same time.

A builder should be consulted before any insulation materials are installed into your home to ensure you are buying the correct products and following the correct method of insulation that is suitable for your property. Guidelines provided with the product should also be used as well as the correct tools to cut and install correctly. Safety gloves, goggles, masks, and protective clothing are recommended as small particles can be produced when cutting and installing insulation that can irritate skins, eyes and breathing. Other products include a spirit level or ruler, hand saw, foil tape, adhesive or fixings and finishing products such as plasterboard, scrim tape and angle beads. The boards should be cut with a hand saw.

Safety Certifications:

  • Product Standard EN 13165
  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 15/5283)
  • Reaction to fire: EN 13501-1 Euroclass E
  • Requirement Standard: ISO 14001: 2015

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