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How long will my delivery take?

Delivery is always aimed between 2 – 5 working days providing the order is placed before 12pm.

Do you deliver to any address?

We deliver nationwide to all UK mainland addresses excluding Northern Ireland, the British Isles, and some remote locations of Scotland and Wales. Once we have processed your order we will confirm if we are able to deliver. If we are not able to deliver to your address a full refund will be issued.

What will happen if I’m not in when my products are delivered?

A signature is required upon delivery. If your products have arrived and you are not there, we will re-attempt delivery another day and a delivery charge of £75 will be applied. Please note you may have to wait another 2-5 working days for your next delivery.

I’ve ordered too much insulation, can I get a refund?

Yes, however If you wish to refund insulation materials, you will be expected to pay a 30% restocking fee and a £75 collection charge. We always advise to double check with a building professional regarding how much material you need to avoid this.

What insulation do I need for my project?

The insulation you need for your project depends on the type of application that will be applied and where in the property the insulation boards are being fitted. Most of our PIR insulation boards can be used for multi-purpose use however you will need to know the thickness of the board you need. We would always suggest checking with your architect or builder before placing an order.

How do I find out the insulation board thickness that I need?

Each area of a property requires different insulation thickness. This is based on the purpose of the insulation and the required U-value of building regulations. Your architect or builder will advise you on the thickness you require.

What is difference between the insulation boards?

All PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation boards have the same thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK.

What is the best insulation board?

All the insulation boards we stock are reliable and popular brands within the building industry, however, the best quality insulation board we stock is Kingspan. This brand is well renowned within the building industry and is a premium insulation manufacturer. Naturally this high-quality product comes at a higher price.

Will insulation boards stop mould?

Insulation is the best prevention against mould by making cavities within the building dry and temperature controlled. Most boards are moisture resistant and mould, rot, and damp resistant which prevents mould from building up.

Insulation boards do not stop mould that has already developed within the property, and we do not recommend that insulation is installed within an area of the property that contains mould, rot, or damp as the problem can worsen.
If you do have a problem with mould, rot, or damp a professional should be contacted to get the existing problem under control before installing insulation.

How do you cut a PIR board?

The most recommended method to cut a PIR board is with a hand saw. The insulation boards should be placed on a table or on a surface that allows room underneath for the saw to go through the board. Before cutting the insulation boards make sure the products have been measured to the correct size and marked with guidelines if necessary. A ruler or plank of wood can be a handy tool to place on top of the board to keep the board in place when cutting.

How should insulation boards be stored?

Insulation boards should be stored on a flat surface in a dry space that is weatherproof. The insulation boards can be ineffective if soaked in water. If the boards encounter a little amount of liquid the boards should be wiped over and left to dry immediately.
Please note although insulation boards are rigid, walking on them can cause the internal foam core to begin to crumble and therefore cause the board to snap.

Where is the best place to buy insulation boards?

With 33 years of combined construction knowledge has a team of experience representatives to look after all your insulation board requirements.

What brands do you stock?

We supply insulation materials from brands Celotex, Kingspan, Recticel, and Iko Enertherm.

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