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Loft Rolls are perfect for retaining heat in a building. They are used to enhance the thermal efficiency of a property. Heat typically escapes via a roof, but the role of loft roll is to hold the heat in and therefore reduce the energy needed to keep a house warm. We are proud to offer a wide selection of loft insulation rolls. Loft rolls are designed to be lightweight and simple to install. Most loft rolls such as the Knauf Loft Roll 44 have a Euroclass grade of A1, which are classified as non-combustible. Every loft roll product on our website has comprehensive specifications for further clarification. We are proud to offer our best price on loft roll.

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What are Loft Rolls?

Fibreglass, commonly known as glass mineral wool, can be used to make loft rolls. This material is common as it has outstanding insulative properties. Fibreglass insulation has microscopic air spaces and glass fibres that resemble hair. A finished product with exceptional insulative qualities is created by mixing this with a bonding agent and cutting it into rolls. Rolling out and setting up the loft insulation rolls itself is simple.

The thermal conductivity of a typical loft rols is 0.44 w/mk. For example, in Knauf Loft Roll 44, you will notice “44” at the end of the products title. This value specifically relates to the product's heat conductivity. Rolls of loft insulation are used to raise a building's thermal rating and as a result, lower the amount of energy required to heat a house. Overall, consumers may lower their energy expenses and lessen the negative environmental effects of consuming more energy.

We have a wide variety of loft roll insulation products on our website. You may purchase a range of sizes and thicknesses directly from us. When you purchase with us online, you'll get our lowest pricing on rolls of loft insulation. We made the online ordering process simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Cheap Loft Roll Insulation

We take pleasure in offering the nation low-cost loft insulation rolls. The greatest part about our business is that anyone can purchase affordable loft rolls and you don’t need a trade account. We have you covered whether you are a DIY enthusiast or in charge of a sizable construction project. As an authorised seller of loft roll, we can offer our clients the best possible rates.

The majority of our loft rolls are eligible for express shipping, although delivery details are specified for each product. When you place an order, our helpful team engages with you to find a delivery date that suits your schedule. Buy cheap loft rolls from us today! All of our products are brand new.

Installing Loft Roll Insulation

Loft rolls are particularly known for their effectiveness and ease of installation. Although installing loft rolls is relatively straightforward, you should always take caution when working with them. Rolls of loft insulation are typically formed of mineral fibres, which can irritate the skin or eyes when in contact with them. It is recommended that you wear appropriate PPE, such as gloves and eye protection. Face masks are recommended since cutting loft rolls may produce dust. The good thing is that loft roll is less aggravating than ever thanks to new production techniques, but we nevertheless encourage you to use caution. Knauf claims that their loft roll is pleasant to the touch and boasts minimal dust levels.

Use of crawl boards when in a loft to navigate safely and comfortably. Don't forget to isolate heat-generating components separate from the insulation. Recessed lighting fixtures are also covered in this. To further reduce fire hazards, non-combustible downlight protection covers should be placed.

Once all health and safety hazards have been removed, you may start installing your loft roll. On our website, choose from a variety of different products and thicknesses. Loft Roll insulation is adaptable and simple to cut. It may be laid up in two layers for efficient loft insulation at either 600mm or 400mm intervals from the joists. The second layer needs to be positioned at right angles to the joists. To get the thickness you want, stack your loft roll accordingly. See the video below for visual instructions on how to fit loft roll.

Loft Insulation Roll FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions that we get about loft rolls.

How do you cut Loft Roll?

Loft rolls can be cut in a variety of different ways. Rolls of loft insulation may be quickly and simply cut using a utility or carving knife. In addition, shears can be used to cut loft rolls. Before making any cuts, we advise you to record your measurements on the roll, some products such as Knauf Loft Roll 44, come combi cut, enhancing the ease of use. Keep in mind that cutting loft rolls might result in an increase of dust particles. Use the appropriate PPE to protect yourself against this as they may also irritate your skin and eyes.

How are Loft Insulation Rolls made?

Fibreglass and mineral wool are typically used to make loft rolls. Glass wool is another name for fibreglass, which has superb insulating qualities. Fine glass and sand fibres are heated to create fibreglass wool, the glass and sand are then spun through incredibly thin mesh after melting. To give the combination of a wool-like texture, binding material is added before cooling the mixture. To give it strength and stability, the material mixture is then heated and calendared yet again. Pockets of air are trapped between the glass thanks to this innovative manufacturing method. The product's ability to attain great thermal performance is made possible by the air pockets. Furthermore, it is worth noting that each manufacturer may differ in their process and materials, however the above text refers to a typical process.

How many Loft Rolls are required for my loft?

Your loft space and the area it needs to cover will determine how much loft roll is needed. By calculating the width and length of the space in metres, you may determine the size of your loft. You can calculate the m2 area coverage by multiplying these numbers.
To make it simple for you to determine how many packs you need, the total coverage in m2 for each product on our website is listed on the product page. We do suggest ordering 10% extra as no consumer wants to be just shy of the required amount when installing Loft Rolls. It will always be better to be a little bit over, rather than short. It is always wise to allocate for potential wastage.

Why are our Loft Rolls so cheap?

We sell loft insulation roll in large quantities, which means we can pass our savings to the customer. There are no flawed or second-rate items on our website (second-hand insulation). Every item is brand-new, and we always provide you the best price we can. This is why our company sells affordable loft rolls. Whether it's a modest DIY project or a significant development endeavour, we can help you save money where necessary.

What is the difference between Knauf and Isover Loft Roll?

When it comes to loft insulation rolls, Knauf and Isover are both reputable brands. The specifications of Knauf Loft Roll 44 and Isover Spacesaver Roll are very comparable. Thermal conductivity for both loft rolls is 0.44 m/Wk. The Isover Spacesaver Loft Rolls are somewhat denser and provide slightly more coverage across some thicknesses. Both items are rated as Euroclass A1, which indicates that they are non-combustible. Furthermore, Knauf and Isover loft rolls are pre-perforated for increased flexibility and constructed of glass mineral wool. To find out more it's advised to view the product pages to get a precise breakdown of specification.

Do Loft Rolls offer acoustic properties?

Noise pollution could be significantly lowered by using loft rolls. On our website, we sell both regular loft rolls and acoustic rolls. To lessen noise, acoustic loft roll can be used in partition walls, roofs, floors, and ceilings. The Isover Acoustic Partition Roll is a popular loft roll with exceptional acoustic qualities.