75mm Knauf Acoustic Roll

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75mm Knauf Acoustic Roll

Glass mineral wool is the main component of Knauf acoustic roll. Glass mineral wool is a high-quality solution that not only insulates the building but also offers soundproofing and fire protection. The rolls are odourless, rot-proof, non-hygroscopic and do not foster vermin. They also do not promote the growth of fungus, mould, or bacteria. The product is simple to carry since the rolls are compacted tightly within the packaging.

Knauf acoustic roll properties can provide a more pleasant atmosphere by minimising noises pollution. This includes media noise, footsteps, noisy neighbours and more. The rolls may be put in new construction, expansions and renovations of both residential and commercial structures. For buildings like hotels, schools, hospitals and businesses, Knauf acoustic rolls are a perfect option for maintaining low noise levels throughout the space to provide the utmost comfort. You will experience peace and seclusion thanks to Knauf Acoustic Rolls. Floors, walls and partition walls are the main applications for acoustic rolls, however they can be used in loft spaces. The usage of acoustic roll is intended to lessen noise pollution whilst having thermal insulation properties. This is accomplished by reducing airborne and impact vibrations whilst acting as insulation..

Knauf Acoustic Roll application

The acoustic rolls are intended for use on interior walls and floors. 75mm Knauf Acoustic Roll is particularly made for friction fitting at 400mm and 600mm centres between joists and studs. The rolls are frequently used in interior spaces where sound levels travel due to their acoustic properties. Details are provided below:

  • Walls – Timber and metal frame applications
  • Walls – Timber and metal stud partitions
  • Floors – Between floor rafters / underneath floorboards

One of the most popular acoustic roll product on the market is the Knauf 75mm Acoustic Roll. The building and construction sector uses this product extensively due to its fantastic sound absorption. The rolls not only offer acoustic excellence, but also the best heat conductivity in the range due to their thickness.
The roll has the highest possible Euroclass A1 response to fire classification, making it non-combustible. The roll won’t burn if it comes into contact with fire, which will stop the fire from spreading between rooms and floors. This will give people more time to exit the building safely and help to retain the building’s structural integrity.

Knauf acoustic rolls are offered in a range of thicknesses and are simple to cut to meet specific needs. Installing Knauf Acoustic Rolls takes only a few minutes. They are also created with recycled glass. As a result, it’s a fantastic sustainable option. Additionally, Knauf rolls have no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and no Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Where can Knauf Acoustic Rolls be installed?

Due to their simplicity of installation, acoustic rollers are a fantastic option. It is simple to cut to size and install in a range of applications. This applies to doors, fences, and even floors. The friction fitting of Knauf Acoustic Rolls between wood battens and studs is suitable. Acoustic insulation rolls can be utilised in dry lining systems, metal and wood stud partitions. They are frequently used in interior dividing walls and flooring as well.

How to store Acoustic Knauf Rolls

Knauf’s Acoustic roll is portable and convenient to store. You would need to be aware of the correct method for storing acoustic rolls if you were ordering a bulk batch of them. Rolls of acoustic material should ideally be kept inside. If this is not feasible, then they should be covered while not in use to safeguard them from severe weather. For long-term storage, we do not suggest storing acoustic insulation rolls outside in the elements. As a result, the product’s quality may decline and its protective qualities may change.

Additional information

Dimensions14500 × 2 mm




Material Type

Glass Mineral

Pieces Per Pack


Sales Unit


Unit Coverage


Manufacturers Reference


Thermal Conductivity




Fire Rating

A1 Non-Combustible


Glass Mineral Wool

Weight (kg/m2)



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  1. Malik

    I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the delivery driver was. They not only dropped off the insulation but even offered to assist with unloading. Much appreciated!

  2. Kwame

    I want to express my gratitude to the delivery driver, he really went the extra mile

  3. Zoey

    Split my daughters room in half for their own space. This worked great in the partition.

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