150mm Knauf Loft Roll 44 – Combi Cut (9.18m2 Roll)

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150mm Knauf Loft Roll

Knauf 150mm Loft Roll 44 is designed to maximise thermal performance by insulating suspended wood floors and pitched roofs at ceiling level. 150mm Knauf Loft Roll is the perfect insulation product for use in loft applications. It is a strong, lightweight, non-combustible material that is also affordable and energy-efficient. Each roll is partially perforated, for ease of use.

Knauf 150mm Loft Roll has a remarkable thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK and a fire rating of Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1. The ‘44’ in Knauf Loft Roll 44 is a direct reference to the thermal conductivity rating. 150mm Earth Wool Loft Rolls from Knauf also offer resistance to water vapour.

Knauf 150mm Loft Roll is durable and can also be readily cut to fit, allowing for adjustments based on your space. It is also simple to install.

When installed in compliance with UK regulations, Knauf 150mm Loft Roll fulfils UK property requirements, therefore it is frequently used by construction workers and property developers. The material used emits no odour and is also rot-proof. Furthermore boasting a reduction in dust levels when cut. It is non-hygroscopic and does not attract rodents or promote bacterial or fungal growth.

Knauf Earth Wool Roll Insulation

The 150mm Loft Roll itself is made of Knauf’s Earth Wool material. The roll has excellent thermal qualities and is constructed of low-density glass mineral wool. Without the use of CFCs or HCFCs, Knauf Loft Roll is favourable for the environment because it does not have the capacity to deplete the ozone layer and has little to no ability to contribute to global warming. Since Earth Wool insulation can trap heat, it reduces the amount of energy needed to keep a structure warm. It also aids in reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

In order to create the Loft Roll, Knauf uses revolutionary ECOSE® Technology together with a distinctive bio-based binder. Furthermore, the notion that this binder contains no extra phenol or formaldehyde suggests that the lower dust levels are far less frequent. Knauf 150mm Loft Roll’s primary basic material is sustainable and renewable. Additionally, ECOSE® technology from Knauf uses up to 70% less energy than traditional binders, allowing it to be one of the more ecologically friendly products.

Knauf Loft Roll Manufacturing Process

Knauf 150mm Loft Roll is now more manageable than ever due to the production technologies employed throughout the design phase. Despite the fact that customers regularly remark on how soft the product feels to the touch, we nevertheless suggest wearing the appropriate PPE when handling any kind of loft roll because it may cause skin irritation.

Traditionally, handling glass wool materials like loft roll has the potential to injure or scratch your skin. Due to new industrial production techniques that have arisen in recent years, the product is now categorised as minimal itch. It is still advised to handle mineral wool with care to prevent agitating yourself or other people. Use a crawl board to navigate a loft safely and use caution when doing this.

Accordance and Certifications

  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162
  • Generic BRE Green Guide Rating A+
  • A1 Euroclass Fire Rating
  • Classified as Zero ODP (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential) and Zero GWP (Zero Global Warming Potential)
  • Awarded the DECLARE ‘Red List Free’ label – meaning no ‘Red List’ ingredients, including formaldehyde or phenol

Installing Knauf 150mm Loft Roll

This product is multipurpose but is typically used in loft/attic spaces. It is used in pitched roofs as well as at ceiling level. The product is simple to handle and roll out. It is also combi cut for an easy installation. Take precautions not to restrict airflow in the loft. Always shake the product once it has been rolled out to ensure your maximising the full 150mm thickness of the roll.

Due to Knauf 150mm Loft Roll being combi-cut, it makes it convenient to use. The loft roll can be stacked in two layers, making it more versatile. The first layer should be positioned 600 or 400 millimetres from the joists. The placement of the additional layer should be at a right angle to the joists. Knauf 150mm Loft Rolls are slightly perforated.

How to store 150mm Knauf Loft Roll

It is best to keep Knauf 150mm Loft Roll inside and in a dry environment. Keeping the rolls off the ground and covered is essential if kept outside, but we advise against this. It is crucial to preserve the loft rolls properly when possible since harsh weather conditions might result in a decline in quality.

Additional information

Dimensions8050 × 1140 mm




Material Type

Glass Mineral

Pieces Per Pack


Sales Unit


Unit Coverage


Manufacturers Reference


Thermal Conductivity




Fire Rating

A1 Non-Combustible


Glass Mineral Wool

Weight (kg/m2)



2-3 Working Days

2 reviews for 150mm Knauf Loft Roll 44 – Combi Cut (9.18m2 Roll)

  1. Ivan

    This insulation product consistently delivers

  2. Sawyer

    The packaging for this product is minimal yet effective – it’s refreshing to see.

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