Isover 25mm Acoustic Roll 24m2

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25mm Isover Acoustic Partition Roll

Isover acoustic roll 25mm is a high-quality solution that not only insulates the structure but also provides soundproofing as well as fire protection. The rolls have no scent, they won’t decompose and aren’t susceptible to moisture damage. In addition to this, they don’t attract pests. Isover acoustic rolls do not promote the growth of bacteria, mould, or fungus. The rolls are firmly packed inside the package to be rolled out once opened. It is easy to handle as well as store.

Isover acoustic roll can be used to minimise distracting noises such as footsteps, noisy neighbours and more. In addition to this, Isover acoustic roll also has thermal qualities to help create an overall more comfortable environment. This product is ideal for new building, extensions, and renovations of both residential and commercial structures alike. 25mm acoustic rolls are an excellent choice for keeping low noise levels throughout the room. It is common for Isover Acoustic Roll to be used in hotels, schools, hospitals, homes and offices. The acoustic rolls have a variety of applications. These include for use in floors, walls, and partition walls. Isover Acoustic roll reduces noise pollution by lowering airborne and impact vibrations.

Isover Acoustic Roll Application

The acoustic rolls are designed to be applied to interior floors and walls. Acoustic Roll is deliberately developed for friction fitting between joists and studs at 400mm and 600mm centres. Due to the rolls acoustic characteristics, they are frequently used in interior settings where sound levels can travel. Below are some typical applications of acoustic roll.

  • Walls – Timber and metal frame applications
  • Walls – Timber and metal stud partitions
  • Floors – Between floor rafters / underneath floorboards

The Isover 25mm acoustic roll is a popular acoustic insulation product. This product’s exceptional sound absorption makes it a popular choice in the building and construction industry. The rolls not only provide superior acoustics but boast exceptional thermal qualities.
The roll is non-combustible, and is classified to Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification. This is the best possible Euroclass marking in terms of reaction to fire. If the roll comes into touch with flames, it won’t burn. This can help stop the spread of flame and therefore help prevent the fire from escalating and causing severe damage. In addition to this, the non-combustible properties of this acoustic roll can allow people additional time to leave the structure safely in the event of a fire.

Are Isover acoustic rolls popular?

Isover Acoustic Roll is an extremely popular and widely used product. This could be due to the fact that Isover is a reputable insulation brand with outstanding products. Isover acoustic rolls come in a variety of thicknesses and are easy to cut to fit certain requirements. Due to its superb sound-absorbing capabilities, the product is even more desirable. Isover Acoustic Rolls may be installed in a matter of minutes. Additionally, they are made from recycled glass. It’s a great sustainable choice as a result. Isover rolls also don’t deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming (GWP).

Where can I install Isover Acoustic Rolls?

Acoustic rolls are are easy to install as well as cut to size for a variety of purposes. Isover Acoustic Rolls can be friction-fitted between wood battens and studs. They offer both thermal and acoustic insulation when used in dry lining systems, metal and wood stud partitions. They are also widely utilised as flooring and internal separating walls.

How to safely store Isover Acoustic Rolls?

The Isover Acoustic roll is transportable and easy to store. Ideal storage would be indoors where it is dry. In the event that this is not possible, they should be covered while not in use to protect them from extreme weather. We do not advise storing acoustic insulation rolls outside for extended periods of time. Extreme weather conditions could decrease the product’s quality.

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Glass Mineral

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A1 Non-Combustible


Glass Mineral Wool

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  1. Nicholas

    The quality of this product far surpasses its competitors.

  2. Joshua

    Worked wonders in my wall partiion

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