200mm Knauf Loft Roll 44 – Combi Cut (6.84m2 Roll)

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200mm Loft Roll

Knauf 200mm Loft Roll is a popular product made for use in loft applications. The loft roll is made from Knauf’s Earth Wool designed to improve thermal performance. It is a durable, lightweight, and non-combustible product. This makes it also energy-efficient and cost-effective. Each roll is partly perforated, which makes it easy to use. In addition to this, Knauf 200mm Loft Roll has a fire rating of Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1 and an exceptional thermal conductivity of 0.044W/mK. Knauf’s Earth Wool Loft Rolls are extremely sustainable and environmentally beneficial and also provide resistance to water vapour.

In addition to being durable, Knauf 200mm Loft Roll can be easily cut to size allowing for adjustments depending on your requirements 200mm Loft Roll is also simple to install.

This product complies with UK property requirements when used in accordance with UK standards, meaning it is frequently used by builders and developers. This product has no odour and is rot-proof. In addition to this, it is non-hygroscopic so it doesn’t attract rodents or encourage bacterial or fungal development.

200mm Knauf Earth Wool Loft Roll Insulation

Knauf’s Earth Wool material is used to make the Loft Roll itself. The roll is made of low-density glass mineral wool and has fantastic thermal properties, alongside being great for the environment. The loft roll itself is extremely insulative and is produced without the use of CFCs or HCFCs. Knauf 200mm Loft Roll has a zero ozone depletion potential as well as a low global warming potential once again making it beneficial for the environment. 200mm Knauf Loft Roll 44 insulation also helps lower the building’s carbon footprint due to the insulation’s ability to trap heat, which lowers the amount of energy required when keeping a building warm.

Knauf’s ground-breaking ECOSE® Technology is used in the production of their Loft Roll with a unique bio-based binder. There is no additional phenol or formaldehyde in this binder. This also means there are lower levels of dust. The raw resources used to manufacture this product are readily renewable. Additionally, using standard binders requires up to 70% more energy than utilising Knauf’s ECOSE® technology. One of the more ecologically friendly products.

Knauf Loft Roll Manufacturing process

The production technology used in the design stage makes it easier than ever to handle. Although customers frequently comment on how soft the product is to the touch, we do advise wearing appropriate PPE when handling any form of loft roll as it could potentially cause irritation to the skin.

Typically, handling glass wool materials such as loft roll could potentially damage or scratch your skin. The product is now categorised as minimal itch because of new industrial production procedures that have emerged in recent years. It is recommended to always use caution while handling any mineral wool to avoid irritating yourself or others. Utilise a crawl board to move around securely in a loft and use caution when moving around.

Accordance and Certifications

  • Generic BRE Green Guide Rating A+
  • Classified as Zero ODP (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential) and Zero GWP (Zero Global Warming Potential)
  • A1 Euroclass Fire Rating
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162
  • Awarded the DECLARE ‘Red List Free’ label – meaning no ‘Red List’ ingredients, including formaldehyde or phenol

Installing Knauf Earth Wool 200mm Loft Roll

Loft Roll is multi-purpose although it is primarily used in loft applications. Since Knauf 200mm Loft Roll comes in a roll form, it is easy to install and roll out. Be cautious not to obstruct any of the loft’s ventilation. After it has been rolled out, the product should always be shaken to recover the entire 200mm thickness.

Knauf 200mm Loft Roll is combi cut, making the product even more convenient. This suggests that the loft can be insulated by stacking the loft roll in two layers. At either 600mm or 400mm intervals from the joists, the first layer should be placed. The extra layer should be positioned at right angles to the joists. Knauf 200mm Loft Rolls are slightly perforated. It can be placed between two joists or uncut to maximise the full width of the roll.

How to store 200mm Knauf Loft Roll

Knauf 200mm Loft Roll should be stored in a dry area and preferably kept inside. If there is no other choice, keep the rolls off the ground and covered. Harsh weather conditions can cause a reduction in quality so it is important to store the loft rolls correctly when possible.

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Additional information

Dimensions6500 × 1140 mm




Material Type

Glass Mineral

Pieces Per Pack


Sales Unit


Unit Coverage


Manufacturers Reference


Thermal Conductivity




Fire Rating

A1 Non-Combustible


Glass Mineral Wool

Weight (kg/m2)



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3 reviews for 200mm Knauf Loft Roll 44 – Combi Cut (6.84m2 Roll)

  1. Emily

    Super lightweight!

  2. Tyler

    Just a really nice product to work with.

  3. Mason

    My builder suggested this he was happy with the order

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