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What is a man cave?

A man cave is a private space designed for the male species to retreat from the world and have some alone time. The private space however is created to suit each individual and their personal taste and lifestyle choice. A man cave can involve building things, having a drink, simply chilling out and many, many more options. Why not use yours to play games such as pool or play station, make music or podcasts, watch your favourite films or even go to the gym! These are the typical characteristic of what is often known as a man cave,
See below options for man cave uses:

  • Bar
  • Gym
  • Games room – darts, pool, table tennis, foosball, etc.
  • Home office
  • Home cinema
  • Recording studio/music room
  • Building workshop

The type of man cave you wish to create all depends on the available space you wish to convert. Man, caves can also add value to your property, so if you were trying to find an excuse to create one – there it is! This space includes sheds, basements, garages, attic spaces, and more. When building such a space, your comfort is an utmost priority and ensuring you have control of light, noise, furniture, and more importantly temperature! We all know there is nothing worse than being far too hot or freezing cold. Insulating your man cave is an incredibly underestimated and important step.

Insulating a man caves

When creating a man cave the space will need to be well construction with the correct building and insulation materials. The insulation materials used will also depend on the available space. When insulating the space, the roof / ceiling, walls, and floor should be considered. Insulation can also help with acoustic levels, and soundproofing, so noise levels don’t cause problems with the neighbours… or even your wife!

How to cut insulation boards

Please note this is a guide only and a building professional should always be consulted before starting construction works on your property to avoid time and cost-effective mistakes. See below the different types of man caves and insulation materials available:

Basement Man Cave

A basement is a popular option for a man cave and a great way to make the most of a space that is often used as a dumping ground for no longer used items and Christmas décor! This adds usable space to the property as well as value. Basements are a good option for gaming rooms and media rooms.
When insulating a man cave in a basement, things to be considered are the current state of the construction, wall and floor conditions, damp, and condensation levels. This is to ensure any furniture being put into your basement stays safe and dry and the basement structure is secure and okay to convert / build upon.

How to insulate a basement

  1. First check for any water leaks in your basemen, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Check for any cracks around windows or any holes or cracks in the wall that will need to be properly sealed prior to installing insulation.
  2. The next thing you need to do is to clean the interior wall from any sharp edges and foreign materials so that the board can be tightly fitted onto the wall.
  3. Measure and cut the insulation boards to size and fit it onto the wall and around basement windows.
  4. Place the boards onto the wall, by adding the necessary adhesive. Apply the adhesive equally on corners and centre of the board and they are ready to go onto the wall. In order to create a vapour barrier, make sure that the boards are tightly butted together.
  5. Then construct a timber frame wall to go up against the insulation boards in order to keep them in place and give a groundwork for adding a drywall or other finish. Fasten the constructed frame wall onto the upper floor joists and the basement floor. Leave some space between the frame wall and the insulation board for placing the wiring within the frame wall where shallow electrical boxes can be used. Now, you can consider your basement insulation project complete and ready to decorate.

Recommended Products

Celotex GA4000
Kingspan TW55
Celotex Thermaclass

Garage Man Cave

A garage is an easy and simple option to be adapted into a man cave and a way to make use of a space that is rarely accessed and has a great foundation. When it comes to garage conversion the possibilities are endless! Any type of man cave can be created in a garage space and when a garage has secure foundations it can even be built up into two floors.
When insulating a garage, things to be considered are the damp and moisture levels and condition of the walls. Extra insulation may be needed in a garage as they are often a colder space.

How to insulate a garage?

Method 1. Fix the insulation directly to the wall. After ensuring the walls are in the required condition, electrical wiring is accounted for, and cracks are sealed, glue insulated plasterboards directly to the wall. The boards are glued directly to the wall using a specific adhesive paired together with mechanical fixings (screws).
Method 2. Fix battens to the wall which can carry the insulation. This provides a gap between the wall and the insulation ensuring that any moisture penetrating the wall is unable to reach the insulation. This method will also help to smooth uneven walls.

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