Knauf Multi-Purpose Gypsum Based Drywall Plasterboard Adhesive 25kg (Dot & Dab)

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Knauf Drywall Adhesive

Knauf drywall adhesive is a multi-purpose gypsum-based adhesive. It is a bonding compound used to directly bond Knauf Plasterboards / wallboards and Knauf insulating materials to interior masonry surfaces.

The adhesive is used to apply plasterboard using the dot and dab method, which is suitable for brick or concrete surfaces (masonry walls). The compound can also be applied to Metal Furring Channels and Insulated Plasterboards. The Knauf drywall adhesive comes in packets of 25kg and covers an area of 4.2m2 when using the dot and dab method.

This product air dries and can take between 2-4 hours to dry but the method overall is quick and easy in comparison to timber or steel frame applications. Dotting and dabbing is a well-known and popular method within the construction industry. When applying to masonry walls it can save time and money as opposed to buying and building a timber or steel frame structure. Using adhesive can also be a cost-effective way to achieve a smooth finish by filling reductions within the walls structure with adhesive.

Knauf Multi-Purpose Drywall Adhesive Key Features:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Ideal for bonding to plasterboards & Insulated Plasterboards
  • Cost-effective
  • Works well with other Knauf Products
  • Quick drying time of up to 4 hours
  • Durable and long-lasting bond strength
  • Should not be applied to moisture-resistant boards or vapour panels

How To Use Knauf Multi-Purpose Drywall Adhesive

First, fill a clean bucket of water up around 5 litres and first add around 10kg of adhesive then mix then leave for around 3 minutes to set before use.
Then, apply adhesive in dabs to your Knauf Plasterboards at 300mm vertical centres with each dab around 250mm long and around 75mm wide.
Press the board firmly onto the wall and hold until the board is secure. A spirit level or feather head tool can be used to achieve a straight and level finish.
Ensure that your bucket and mixer are cleaned before allowing the left over adhesive to set. The next batch can then be made up in the same bucket.
The bonding can take 2-4 hours to dry however some wait until the next day to begin taping and skimming the boards. In addition to the bonding compound, fixings can also be applied for an extra secure fit.
When applying to insulation materials with foil facings, additional fixings are recommended to prevent the adhesive coming away from the foil over time.
We recommend these tools when applying this product: plasterboards, measuring tape, feather edge, spirit level, a trowel and fixings and a drill If required.

Additional Information:
Brand: Knauf
Coverage: 4.6m2
Shelf life: 4 months
Material: Gypsum Based
Size: 25kg
Pack Quantity: A1
Fire Rating: A1

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