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A home with good loft insulation will be pleasant all year round in terms of building temperature. Loft insulation contributes to greater energy efficiency and saves heating costs by limiting the amount of heat loss. At times when heat is most required, insulation keeps the house warm. We stock a variety of insulation products, from loft insulation to solid wall over cavities, so we’re here to assist.

This article is intended to inform and assist you in selecting the finest loft insulation for a home. It provides a summary of the various materials, as well as an analysis of the financial advantages and how the amount of insulation may help you save on heating bills.

Loft insulation is among the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient insulation materials. When compared to other methods of increasing the energy efficiency of your house, loft roll insulation is significantly less expensive.

Minimal to no maintenance is required after installation. It is said to be a good investment as it pays for itself by reducing energy bills and boasts outstanding longevity. Installing loft roll is less difficult than other methods. This means you may be able to do the task on your own and therefore save money on installation fees.

The benefits of loft roll

What is Loft Roll Insulation?

Loft roll insulation consists of a variety of materials that can be put in various areas of the structure, including the loft and walls. It lowers heat loss by forming a barrier between the inside of the house and the outside air. Loft roll insulation offers an insulative layer to retain heat inside the house, similar to a blanket and aids in maintaining the appropriate temperature.

Typically, fibreglass, often referred to as glass mineral wool is used to create loft rolls. In order to prevent heat from rising and escaping through a roof, they help to trap heat. Because of its small air gaps and glass fibres. Loft roll insulation is great and is frequently used by tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike. By combining it with a bonding agent, rolling it into a completed product it provides remarkable insulation properties. The loft insulation rolls themselves are easy to install and handle.

A lot of loft roll products have a thermal conductivity of 0.44 w/mk. For example, in Knauf Loft Roll 44, the ‘44’ is a reference to the thermal conductivity. Loft insulation rolls are used to increase a building’s thermal rating and, as a result, reduce the energy needed to heat a home. Overall, customers may reduce their energy costs and the harmful consequences that increased energy use has on the environment.

In comparison to insulation boards and foil insulation, insulation on a roll is a lower cost per m2 of area coverage. It is also straightforward to install.

Loft insulation Roll can be purchased online via our website. These fibreglass loft rolls make it simple to avoid the estimated 15–25% hot air loss that occurs in uninsulated lofts.

How To Cut Loft Insulation Rolls

Loft roll can be cut using a utility knife. Before doing so, we recommend wearing appropriate PPE such as gloves, masks and eye protection. The reason for this is because some loft rolls can be irritating to the skin and eyes. In addition to this, dust particles may be created when cutting loft roll. A face mask can help prevent breathing in dust produced by the loft roll.

Work out what you need to cut then lay the insulation over a solid board whilst marking where you want to cut. As soon as you have done this, we suggest compressing the loft roll whilst making a 45 degree angle cut with your utility blade. Push down firmly to ensure a smooth cut. You want to cut the insulation in one smooth movement and be careful not to injure yourself.

It is worth noting that fibreglass can easily blunt blades so ensure your blade is not blunt before you make any cuts.

Cutting loft insulation roll is simple. Some loft roll products may also come pre-perforated, which means that cutting the loft roll to size is even easier.

The benefits of loft insulation roll

  • Some insulation may provide excellent soundproofing benefits for homes when installed appropriately. Some manufacturers produce acoustic loft roll, which absorbs sound. Furthermore, this lessens the quantity of noise that resonates through the house’s rooms therefore reducing noise pollution.
  • One of the actions you can take to fight climate change and lessen your carbon footprint is by installing insulation. Doing this offers tremendous environmental advantages. The quantity of fossil fuels consumed to heat a well-insulated home is decreased since the heating system installed doesn’t have to work as hard or operate as long.
  • Installing loft roll has low difficulty and many people opt to do this themselves. Moreover, we do advise getting expert assistance when installing loft roll insulation.

The best place to buy Loft Insulation?

Here at Insulation Board we find satisfaction in providing affordable loft insulation rolls across the nation. You don’t have to be in the industry to obtain trade prices, as our website is open to all. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or in charge of a major building project, we have you covered. We are an authorised supplier of loft insulation rolls and therefore can give our customers a better offer. We can offer our best ever price on Knauf Loft Roll 44

Express delivery is available for the majority of our loft rolls. For precise information on lead times, make sure you check out the product pages. When you place an order, a member of our friendly team gets in touch with you to work out a delivery time that is best for you.

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