75mm Recticel Eurothane GP PIR Insulation Board – 2.4m x 1.2m

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Recticel 75mm is a quality product made up of a 2400mm by 1200mm rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) core with a low emissivity foil facing bonded to each side to provide high thermal quality.

75mm Recticel Eurothane GP PIR Insulation Board

  • 75mm PIR Boards are an extremely popular product within the construction industry
  • The insulation boards have a straight edge to ensure boards can be tightly butted together to avoid thermal bridging
  • Recticel boards hold a great compression strength and are a well-used product for insulating floors
  • This size is commonly used due to its thinner size, the 75mm can be installed in walls that contain a smaller cavity to make the most of the buildings space
  • PIR Insulation Boards are lightweight making them super easy to handle, cut, and install
  • This board offers an incredible thermal conductivity of just 0.022W/mK – which for those who don’t know, means very small amount of heat can pass through the board, keeping the heat inside your home or office!
  • Whilst staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you’re also providing an energy-efficient environment that contributes to the reduction of climate change
  • While you think it stops at helping the environment, with less heat escaping, Recticel PIR boards can also save you money on your energy bills

75mm Recticel Applications

75mm PIR Insulation Boards can be used in a variety of application types within domestic and commercial buildings. This includes roofs, walls, and floors. More specifically Recticel 75mm can be used for flat roofs, pitched roofs, solid masonry walls and floors as well as timber-framed & steel framed systems. Full application types can be found below:

Ground Floor – Concrete Slab
Ground Floor – Suspended Timber Joist
Ground Floor – Beam and Block
Ground Floor – Upgrading Existing Concrete Slab
External Wall – Timber Frame Internal Linings
External Wall – Timber Frame Sheathing
External Wall – Between Timber Frame Studs
External Wall – Solid Masonry Internal Linings
Pitched Roof – Over Timber Rafters
Pitched Roof – Sarking
Pitched Roof – Below Timber Rafters
Pitched Roof – Between Timber Rafters
Pitched Roof – Loft insulation – Between and Over Timber Joists
Flat Roof – Balconies & Terraces Over Joists
Flat Roof – Between Timber Joists
Flat Roof – Below Timber Joists


  • Reaction to Fire: Euroclass F according to BS EN 13501-1
  • Environmental management ISO 14001:2015
  • BBA Certificate 02/3905
  • Achieves a BRE Green Guide A+ rating
  • Quality Management Standard – ISO 9001:2015

Recticel PIR Board FAQs

How are Recticel PIR Insulation Boards installed?

The boards should be measured and cut to size before installation. Note that each cavity/space between stud rails may differ slightly in size/shape therefore the boards should be cut to fit each individual cavity. The thickness of the rafters should also be consistent with the depth of the joists.

Once the boards are cut, push the board into the space between joists ensuring a tight secure fit. If two boards are butted together, ensure they are joined tightly. Foil tape can be applied to the joins to avoid thermal bridging. Once the timber stud is filled with insulation ensure the wall is flush with no projections.

A vapour control layer can be installed on top of the warm side of the stud work. Plasterboards can then be installed horizontally over the insulation boards and fixed to the rafters, fixing two plasterboard joins to one joist.

How do you cut insulation boards?

The best and easiest way to cut cavity wall boards is to measure and mark the board to size and then score the insulation with a sharp knife, snap the board over a hard edge and score the other side. A fine-toothed saw can also be used to cut the boards.

What size recticel board do I need?

The size you need will depend on the space being insulated. Thicker insulation is always the best option to achieve the best thermal conductivity possible however a thinner board will also improve the thermal conductivity. This decision is really based on how much space you want to save, and if the board meets the building regulations.

What is PIR insulation?

PIR insulation is a widely-used term for ‘polyisocyanurate’, which is one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials available in the construction industry today. Like other organic materials, it is classified as ‘combustible’. PIR insulation is a rigid board of insulation and provides multi-purpose use.

Additional information

Dimensions2400 × 1200 mm




Material Type

Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Pieces Per Pack


Sales Unit


Unit Coverage


Manufacturers Reference


Thermal Conductivity




Fire Rating

Euroclass F

Edge Type



Low Emissivity Foil

Weight (kg/m2)



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