Celotex 150mm PIR Rigid Insulation Board – XR4150 – 2.4m x 1.2m

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Celotex XR4150 is a multi purpose rigid PIR insulation board that forms a part of the Celotex XR4000 range. The Celotex 150mm insulation board can be used in a variety of applications. This includes roofs, floors and also walls. More specifically the Celotex 150mm PIR board can be used in flat roofs, pitched roofs, floors, solid masonry walls as well as timber framed and steel framed systems. The Celotex XR4150 insulation board has the length and width dimensions of 2400 x 1200mm. This board is 150mm in thickness and features low emissivity foil facings. The Celotex 150mm PIR board itself boasts an excellent thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/m.K.

Celotex XR4150

The Celotex XR4150 is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR). The process uses a blowing agent that has zero ODP, which is otherwise known as Zero Ozone Depletion. In addition to this, it also has low global warming potential (GWP). The Celotex XR4150 is a popular board due to its energy efficiency for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. The product itself has a total coverage of 2.88m2

150mm Celotex is a high performance PIR board, which is suitable for many types of applications.

150mm Celotex Features

  • Celotex PIR Board is easy to cut & shape
  • Good reaction to fire in accordance with EU standards
  • Made from high performing PIR
  • Provides long term energy savings for buildings
  • Features low emissivity foil facings for enhanced performance
  • Celotex is a recognised insulation brand

XR4150 Applications

XR4150 can be used in a variety of application types. This includes roofs, walls and even floors. The versatility of the Celotex 150mm insulation board is a top reason why so many people use it. More specifically Celotex 150mm can be used for flat roofs, pitched roofs, solid masonry walls and floors as well as timber framed & steel framed systems. The industry leading board is easy to cut and shape as well as install. The benefit of Celotex 150mm boards is that they can provide long term energy savings for buildings. Full application types can be found below

  • Ground Floor – Concrete Slab
  • Ground Floor – Suspended Timber Joist
  • Ground Floor – Beam and Block
  • Ground Floor – Upgrading Existing Concrete Slab
  • External Wall – Timber Frame Internal Linings
  • External Wall – Timber Frame Sheathing
  • External Wall – Between Timber Frame Studs
  • External Wall – Solid Masonry Internal Linings
  • Pitched Roof – Over Timber Rafters
  • Pitched Roof – Sarking
  • Pitched Roof – Below Timber Rafters
  • Pitched Roof – Between Timber Rafters
  • Pitched Roof – Loft insulation – Between and Over Timber Joists
  • Flat Roof – Balconies & Terraces Over Joists
  • Flat Roof – Between Timber Joists
  • Flat Roof – Below Timber Joists

Celotex 150mm insulation board

The Celotex 150mm insulation board has a square edge with a total coverage of 2.88m2.

Celotex insulation boards are multi purpose rigid insulation boards. The product achieves a BRE Green Guide A rating. In addition to this, Celotex insulation products are BBA certified.

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Square Edge

Compressive Strength

≥140kPa – BS EN 826



Thermal Conductivity

0.022 W/mk – BS EN 12667

Water Vapour Resistance

>150MNs/g – BS EN 12086: Method B

Spread Of Flame

Class 1 – BS 476-7

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