Celotex 90mm PIR Rigid Insulation Board – GA4090 – 2.4m x 1.2m

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90mm Celotex

Celotex 90mm Insulation Boards are a highly versatile PIR board. The board itself is a multi-purpose board, which means it can be used in almost all building applications. This includes walls, floors, roofs and even in steel framed and timber framed systems. 90mm Celotex is manufactured by Saint Gobain, who are arguably the market leaders in insulation. The product code for this 90mm insulation board is GA4090. The board itself has a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK and an overall coverage of 2.88m2. This is due to the 90mm Celotex PIR board having the dimensions of 2400mm x 1200mm. This is a common size, however the Celotex insulation boards can easily be cut down to your preferred size. For thinner thicknesses, this can be achieved by using a utility knife. Once the board is marked, it can be snapped to your marked line, however we advise that you use a saw for a clean and precise cut. The thickness of this PIR board is 90mm. 90mm Celotex rigid boards are made from Polyisocyanurate, which is otherwise known as PIR. This is a great insulation material due to it’s thermal performance. The Celotex GA4090 boards also feature a low emissivity foil facing on both sides. This helps improve the thermal performance of the boards when used in sealed cavity air spaces. At Insulation Board, we offer our very best price on 90mm Celotex, which means that you can buy with confidence. As a leading supplier of Celotex 90mm boards, we can pass our savings directly onto you.

The Benefits of Celotex 90mm insulation

90mm Celotex PIR boards boast zero ozone depletion potential. This is commonly referred to as Zero ODP. In addition to this, these boards have a low global warming potential as well as a Green Guide Rating of A. This means that the Celotex 90mm boards benefit the environment in several ways. Furthermore, there are environmental benefits to installing Celotex insulation. Installing GA4090 insulation boards can insulate your home or building. This means that the building will require less energy to both heat and cool the building. In essence, less energy required means that you can reduce your carbon footprint therefore helping the planet. Another benefit of installing 90mm Celotex is that a well insulated building is a desirable trait on the property market, which can increase a buildings value. In addition to this, the installation of Celotex PIR boards can help the building conform to building regulations. When it comes to installing 90mm Celotex boards, you can take comfort in knowing that the boards are easy to handle as well as install. Overall, 90mm Celotex insulation is a high performance board, which is easy to cut, handle, install and can be applied to a variety of applications. It boasts excellent thermal qualities as well as environmental benefits and is one of the most used insulation boards on the market to date. Celotex GA4090 is one of the most popular PIR boards due to its versatility. Celotex is also a recognised brand name, which is another reason as to why this board is so sought after. Below are the key features of Celotex GA4090

  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Durable & reliable
  • Made from high performance PIR
  • Features low emissivity foil facings
  • A cost effective insulation solution
  • Green Guide Rating of A

90mm Celotex Applications

This 90mm insulation board is a leading choice for construction projects. This is because it can be used in so many different applications. As a general purpose board, it is commonly used in roofs, floors and walls. Below are some examples of where Celotex 90mm boards can be applied:

  • Flat Roofs (Below Timber Joists)
  • Flat Roofs (Between Timber Joists)
  • Flat Roofs (Balconies & Terraces Over Joists)
  • Pitched Roofs (Below Timber Rafters)
  • Pitched Roofs (Between Timber Rafters)
  • Pitched Roofs (Over Timber Rafters)
  • Pitched Roofs (Sarking)
  • Loft Insulation (Between & Over Timber Joists)
  • Wall (Solid Masonry Internal Linings)
  • Wall (Between Timber Frame Studs)
  • Wall (Timber Frame Sheathing)
  • Wall (Timber Frame Internal Linings)
  • Floor (Upgrading Existing Concrete Slab)
  • Floor (Beam & Block)
  • Floor (Suspended Timber Joists)
  • Floor (Concrete Slab)

Whether you’re working on a renovation project or building from scratch, Celotex provides the insulation solution you need to create a cosy and energy-efficient space. This insulation board offers exceptional thermal performance, making it an ideal choice for walls, roofs, and floors For detailed information on application, you can download the manufacturer data sheets on this product page. This will give you information on this products data as well as full application and installation help. We always recommend that you consult a building professional or seek advice before you carry out any complex building works.

Celotex GA4090

At Insulation Board, we take pride in offering our best price on 90mm Celotex as well as express delivery. It has never been easier to order insulation. Simply add your boards to your cart and checkout in minutes. Save the hassle of having to pick up your Celotex 90mm boards and have them delivered directly to your project when it suits you. 90mm Celotex boards are manufactured in accordance with quality management systems (BS EN ISO 9001:2000) and are very versatile. These boards can even be combined with plasterboard. When ordering 90mm insulation boards, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your requirements before finalising your order. Taking this proactive approach can help you avoid potential delays in your project. To accurately determine the quantity of 90mm Celotex boards needed for your project, it’s essential to calculate the required area. This calculation involves multiplying the height by the width of the area where you intend to apply the insulation. For instance, if the dimensions of the space are 3m by 3m, the total area would be 9m2. It’s worth noting that each 90mm Celotex insulation board covers an area of 2.88m2. Using this information, consider an example where the area you’re insulating measures 9m2. In this case, you would need a minimum of 4 boards to cover the area. However, as a recommendation, it’s wise to order a slightly larger quantity than the minimum required to accommodate for potential wastage. This allows for unforeseen adjustments during installation and ensures that you have a sufficient supply to complete the project with precision. By carefully assessing your project’s dimensions and factoring in wastage, you can make a well-informed order, which is perfectly aligned with your requirements. This foresight contributes to a smoother and more efficient project execution.

Installing Celotex Insulation Board

The installation of Celotex boards is designed to be hassle free. Below is a quick guide on how to do this, however we do advise you consult a professional. Before you begin, ensure the area is prepared. This includes clearing away debris or obstacles that may hinder the process. You should be wearing appropriate PPE for safety reasons.
Firstly, Begin by measuring the specific area where you intend to install the Celotex insulation boards. These measurements serve as a guide for accurate cuts. Use a measuring tape to obtain precise dimensions. Once measured, transfer these dimensions onto the Celotex boards, marking the areas to be cut. Cut using a saw and ensure the cuts are clean.
The application type will alter the installation method. For example, masonry partial fill cavity wall installations will require mechanical fixings where as upgrading solid walls could be achieved using the dot and dab method. This would feature the use of adhesive. We advise that you check the manufacturer guide at this step. After the Celotex boards are in place, inspect the installation for any gaps between the boards or at the edges. To prevent heat loss and maintain thermal efficiency, you could use insulation tape or sealant to seal these gaps. Depending on the application, you could also add an additional covering layer such as plasterboard at this stage. Once installed, ensure that you inspect and quality check the work as well as clean up any adhesive residue or debris. Lastly, store any unused Celotex insulation boards in a dry and safe location. Proper storage helps preserve the quality and performance of the insulation. If you are looking for 90mm insulation board, we can help. Our Celotex products are competitively priced and we offer express nationwide delivery.

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Square Edge

Compressive Strength

≥140kPa – BS EN 826



Thermal Conductivity

0.022 W/mk – BS EN 12667

Water Vapour Resistance

>150MNs/g – BS EN 12086: Method B

Spread Of Flame

Class 1 – BS 476-7


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