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Kingspan TW55 Insulation Board

At Insulation Board, we provide the best prices on Kingspan TW55 PIR Insulation Boards. Here at Insulation Board, we are the UK’s number one provider of PIR insulation boards and we stock all sizes, you can have peace of mind when you order online with us. Our simple 3-step ordering system allows our customers to order their insulation materials without the hassle of online shopping and tricky websites!

PIR Insulation Board

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Kingspan Thermawall TW55

Our Kingspan TW55 Insulation Board is a high-quality premium product. The Thermawall is available in a variety of thicknesses designed not only for walls but for multiple applications including both commercial and residential, new, or retrofit buildings. TW55 Insulation Boards can create a thermal envelope around your home, helping to create an environment meaning level temperatures with warmer winters and cooler summers. By ensuring less heat is escaping your property every year through the roof, walls, and floors due to poor insulation, you are keeping in the heat that you pay for – this will result in saving up to 30% of your energy bills each year. Insulating your property will also create a more sustainable environment and have positive impacts on climate change by reducing global warming impacted by the heat produced from our properties every year.
TW55 Insulation Boards can be installed in a variety of applications including pitched roofs, masonry walls, solid walls, flat roofs, solid floors and more.

TW55 Certifications:

Standard To BS EN 13165
Fire performance To BS EN 13501-1:2018, Euroclass RtF F
British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certification 14/5133
Recycled Content 0% (minimum) to BS EN ISO 14021

Kingspan TW55 PIR boards are made up of a fibre-free rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR) core with low emissivity composite foil facings bonded to each side. The boards are manufactured with low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). TW55 boards have a great lifespan and will last for as long as the building does – providing they have been installed correctly! Always ensure your insulation is installed by a building professional. 

Each Kingspan Thermawall Insulation Board is 2400mm by 1200mm and comes in a range of thicknesses from 20mm to 165mm with a coverage of 2.88m² per board. TW55 boards have an incredible thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK. The compressive strength of Thermapitch TW55 typically exceeds 140 kPa at 10% compression. Kingspan TW55 gives a yellow-coloured smooth finish with a squared edge, making installation and decoration east.

If you’re looking for an alternative product to TW55, Kingspan TP10 can be used as a like for like product!
Insulation Board also stock Celotex insulation boards which can also substitute TW55. Each board is 2400mm by 1200mm with a coverage of 2.88m2 and a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK.
See a link to Celotex PIR insulation boards below including TB4000, GA4000, and XR4000.

Is Kingspan better than Celotex?

Both Kingspan and Celotex provide reliable, great quality products that are well known and used within the building industry. Both brands provide a range of insulation materials designed so there is a product to suit every project. Both Celotex and Kingspan provide products worthy of your building project however Kingspan (manufactured using Niflam technology) is the more premium product of the two and this is mirrored in the higher price.

What is the R value of 50mm insulation board?

See each board thickness and their thermal resistance / R Value below. 

TW55 25mm

1.10 m2K/W

TW55 30mm

1.35 m2K/W

TW55 40mm

1.80 m2K/W

TW55 50mm

2.25 m2K/W

TW55 60mm

2.70 m2K/W

TW55 70mm

3.15 m2K/W

TW55 75mm

3.40 m2K/W

TW55 80mm

3.60 m2K/W

TW55 90mm

4.05 m2K/W

TW55 100mm

4.50 m2K/W

TW55 110mm

5.00 m2K/W

TW55 120mm

5.45 m2K/W

TW55 125mm

5.65 m2K/W

TW55 130mm

5.90 m2K/W

TW55 140mm

6.35 m2K/W

TW55 150mm

6.80 m2K/W

TW55 165mm

7.50 m2K/W

Is a higher U-value better?

U-value, is the rate heat transfers through a structure (this can be a single material or a composite), this is divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. The units of measurement are W/m²K. The lower the U-value, the better insulated the structure is. So no, a higher U-value is not better!

How to cut Thermawall (TW55) PIR Insulation Boards

The boards should be measured and marked to size and cut using a fine-toothed saw. Cutting the board on a high flat surface will give room for the saw to go through the board. The board can also be cut by scoring one side of the board with a sharp knife and snapping over a hard edge. The other side of the board can then be scored.

How to install Kingspan TW55 into a wall

The board should first be measured and cut to size. The spaces between the cavities within the timber frame may differ so the board should be cut to fill each individual space. The thickness of the boards should be based on the timber batten depth.
A vapour control layer should also be installed on the inner face of the stud.
Treated softwood battens fixed in place to prevent the boards from moving within the cavity
Once the boards are the correct size they can simply be pushed back into the space until the board sits flush with the rafters with no protrusions. This should be repeated until all cavities are full. If two boards are joined, they should be closely butted together, and joins overlapped with foil tape.
The wall can then be completed ready for decoration.
Insulation boards followed by plasterboards, or insulated plasterboards can then be laid horizontally over the insulation and fixed to the timber frame using the required fixings. To limit air leakage, any gaps or penetrations through the insulation layer – such as plug sockets – should be filled with a flexible sealant or a combination of flexible polyurethane foam and flexible sealant or equivalent.
Once the plasterboards or insulated plasterboards are in place and secure, the wall can then be skimmed, taped, and decorated using either paint or wallpaper.