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Kingspan Insulation Boards

Kingspan insulation is a renowned global manufacturer of premium, high-quality insulation boards that provide extra insulation for homes and businesses. Kingspan insulation is a division of the Kingspan Group, which has over 40 years of experience in the niche. It is a brand known to be dedicated to helping engineers, developers, and architects cut operational CO₂ and reduce their energy costs thus making buildings more energy-efficient.The company manufactures a wide array of insulation boards tailored for roof, wall and floor solutions.

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Kingspan TP10
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What are the different types of Kingspan insulation boards?

At Insulation Board, we deal with the Kingspan Therma range, which are among the most thermally efficient insulation products in the market:

Thermapitch TP10

Thermapitch TP10 is one of the most popular of the Kingspan Insulation products collection. It is a quality, high-performance insulation board manufactured using the Nilflam technology. It is fiber-free with a core made of a polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulator that is quite rigid and with a low thermal conductivity of 0.002 W/mK. These features make the insulation board resistant to air infiltration and water vapor. Its core is also super resistant against short-term contact with solvents such as acids, alkalis, and mineral oils. Just remember to clean any spills promptly before installing the insulation boards.

Thermapitch TP10 has been manufactured under the highest standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 50001:2018. The standard dimensions of an insulation board are 2.4m by 1.2m with the thickness of the boards varying between 20mm to 140mm. TP10 will have a long lifespan as long as it is installed correctly.

Thermawall TW55

The Thermawall TW55 is another wonderful product from the Kingspan portfolio. It is a high-performance insulation thermoset with thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK. This board is also very rigid and can be used as an insulation sheathing or between studs. Thermawall TW55 is also suitable for steel and timber frame wall construction and is ideal for new builds and refurbishment projects. An added advantage is that it is easy to handle and install. The TW55 is ideal for use in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) given it is made from a blowing agent with zero ODP and GWP.
It is also made from non-deleterious material. It is resistant to the passage of any water vapor, guaranteeing you a long lifespan. This board is available in the standard size of 2.4m by 1.2m. You can pick any thickness between 2mm to 140mm.

Thermafloor TF70

Thermafloor TF70 is a rigid, high-performance insulation board suitable for suspended ground floors and solid concrete. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.002W/mK and can be used in conjunction with un-reinforced floor screeds for the most part. TF70 provides a minimum compressive strength of 140kPa at 10% compression. However, if excessive floor loads are to be used, ensure you use an extruded polystyrene insulation, like the Kingspan GreenGuard, which has greater compressive strength.

How to cut Kingspan insulation boards

Kingspan insulation boards are quite easy to cut and install! Just remember that cutting them can lead to production of dust particles and debris, which can be harmful when inhaled or wedged in your eyes. In other words, ensure you have the right protective gear such as safety glasses, a dust mask, and gloves.

A hand saw would be the best tool to use when cutting the insulation board. It will ensure maximum efficiency plus it will produce less dust. It also allows for a cut-off to fill gaps in the walls. You could also use a table saw or a utility knife with a segmented blade. Here is a quick guide on how to cut insulation boards:
Step 1. Measure the board precisely to fit the measurements you want to make.
Step 2. Use a permanent marker to indicate where you would like to cut.
Step 3. Double-check your measurements to minimize your chances of making a mistake.
Step 4. Lay your insulation board onto a flat surface such as a work table. You can secure the board using a clamp to prevent it from moving around as you cut.
Step 5. Cut your board and keep it aside for installation.
How to Install Kingspan insulation boards
Insulation boards have a wide range of applications as they can be used on flat roofs, floors, pitched roofs, and timber and steel framed systems. Here are the steps to install the Kingspan insulation boards:
Step 1. Measure the length of the walls you want to insulate. Ensure that the edges reach the stud centers.
Step 2. Add a small bead of construction adhesive glue to the studs and press the insulation boards firmly down in place.
Step 3. Hammer the cap ring-shank nails into the studs. Ensure you use plastic caps in the ring shank to prevent the nail heads from pulling back from the foam. Keep your intervals around 6 inches apart.
Step 4. Continue using your construction adhesive and pressing the boards firmly until all the walls have been covered.
Step 5. Seal the seams between the insulation sheets using thin strips of house wrap tape.

Tip: As you work on the insulation boards, it is important to consider linear thermal bridging, which is essentially the heat loss between the junctions of elements such as timber and steel. You can reduce the linear thermal bridge by increasing the distance through which the heat has to travel. Ensure your trimming is accurate as you cut to achieve close-butting joints and provide continuity of insulation. Also, ensure you cover board edges from the weather after a day’s work or whenever work is interrupted for long periods.

Kingspan U Value Calculator

The U Value is a metric that tells you how well a material will work as an insulator. To calculate the U Value, you will need to factor in the type of insulation board and where the installation will be done. On our website, you can find the R-Value of every Kingspan Insulation Board. The R-value is a metric that shows the resistance to heat flow. A product with a higher R-Value will have higher insulating properties.
Kingspan is one of the world's best brands when it comes to PIR rigid foam insulation boards. On our website, you can also explore other popular PIR boards from brands like Celotex and Recticel. One of the pros of using Kingspan products is the fact you can attain U Values with minimum thickness. Again, they are also easy to cut, shape and install.
Kingspan insulation boards can help you create eco-friendly buildings with better insulation properties.
Well, you can save a lot more money when you buy in bulk! Just find and click on the Kingspan product you would love to see our tier pricing (when available). If you want to check out our latest deals, visit our sale.
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